Shegby's mission is to revolutionise identity verification and proof of personhood solutions within the Web3 ecosystem. Our vision is to create a globally inclusive network state that empowers individuals with secure and privacy-preserving digital identities. Through our advanced technologies, including blockchain and machine learning algorithms, Shegby aims to redefine the standards of KYC verification while preserving user privacy.

Shegby prioritises trust in users and their original intentions over biometric verification. Our approach revolves around the theory of six degrees of separation, ensuring user authenticity while preserving privacy. By addressing the global challenge of identity verification without relying on biometrics, Shegby opens the door to improved online security, democratic processes and economic opportunity.

Our white paper outlines the core principles and goals behind Shegby and details our innovative approach to identity verification in the Web3 environment. Join us on our journey as we pave the way for a more secure and inclusive digital future.

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