Roadmap and Milestones

Shegby has evolved from a travel planner to a Web3 concierge service and now aims to become a network state with decentralised governance and identity verification solutions. With strategic milestones achieved and future plans in place, Shegby is poised to capitalise on the growing market opportunities in Web3 and identity verification.

Foundation and development (testing hypotheses) 2018: Launched as a community owned travel planner website, accumulating 40,000 POIs. 2019: Becomes a private transfer service and wins the regional "Best Sharing Service" award. 2022: Becomes a Web3 concierge service (P2P marketplace of services). 2022: Joins the Startup Estonia ecosystem with a pivot into Network State.

Significant milestones Q1-Q2 2023: Incorporated Shegby Inc. as a C-Corp in Delaware. — Shegby is a part of the YC Startup School. — Secured AWS Activate portfolio with $100,000 limit. — Launched NFT 'citizenship', sold over 55 NFTs for a total of 4ETH from 50+ buyers. — Built a community of ~1400 verified members on Shegby's Discord. — Experimenting with decentralised governance and votings to reward community contributions. Q3-Q4 2023: — Launched $Shegby token on Scroll ZKP with over 1000 holders (and 3000+ transactions). — Secured over $10,000 from the community in two liquidity pools (ETH/Shegby and USDC/Shegby on SyncSwap) to experiment with supply, price and market making. — Initiated $Shegby token smart contract audit and preparations for CEX listing.

Fundraising and development Q1-Q3 2024: — Improve HumanRank algorithm with data from 1400 collected wallets. — Commence fundraising efforts to raise $1.5 million pre-seed on SAFEs with a $15 million cap. — Complete MVP of Shegby with goal of signing 100+ Letters of Intent (LOIs) to confirm product-market fit (PMF) and generate $2M+ in revenue by end of 2024.

Ongoing and future plans Q2 2024 onwards: — Close LOIs with 189 projects on Scroll mainnet and 450 projects on testnet (as of May '24) to earn the $2 million (SOM) by the end of 2024. — Expand the team by hiring three professionals: Senior Business -Development, Partnership Manager and Senior Scroll zkEVM Blockchain Developer. — Actively seeking advisors and mentors for Shegby. — Apply to accelerators and find for a co-founder. — Clear intellectual property and other rights. — Launch major marketing and partnership campaigns. — Achieve full decentralisation of Shegby's operations and governance. — Develop and launch cross-platform wallet and P2P marketplace of services.

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