Introduction to HumanRank

In today's digital society, security and trust play a critical role in every aspect of our on-chain lives. However, with the advancement of technology, in particular artificial intelligence and machine learning, new challenges related to identity fraud and online deception have emerged. In response to these challenges, and with the aim of providing a fair, decentralised and secure solution, the Shegby Project is introducing an innovative approach to identity verification - HumanRank.

HumanRank is a revolutionary approach to identity verification developed as part of the Shegby Project. It goes beyond simple personal identification and represents a comprehensive concept based on the principles of trust, reliability and anonymity.

The core idea of HumanRank is to enable users to prove their uniqueness and credibility in the on-chain environment without compromising their true identity. Instead of relying on traditional authentication methods that can compromise personal information, HumanRank leverages users' existing networks of trust by migrating them to the blockchain. This ensures confidentiality and anonymity within the user's chosen framework.

This approach not only provides users with a high level of security and anonymity, but also fosters a trustworthy environment in Web3. By implementing HumanRank, Shegby aims to empower every user to feel safe and confident in the on-chain space, where decentralisation, security and privacy are core values.

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