How does Shegby work?

Shegby is based on the unique HumanRank technology, which uses the theory of six degrees of separation to verify connections and their data within a user's network.

To join Shegby, users must have a Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask (Shegby currently operates on the Scroll blockchain - which seamlessly extends Ethereum's capabilities through zero-knowledge technology and EVM compatibility).

Unlike traditional KYC methods, Shegby provides offline identity verification. Users can verify each other's identities, creating a chain of trust within the network. This approach allows users to build trust, eliminating the need for centralised authorities.

Shegby puts users in control of their personal information. They can choose what information to share and with whom, keeping their data secure and private. Users can also update their information as needed, keeping their data up to date over time.

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