Introduction to Shegby: KYC in Web3

Shegby's journey began in 2015, when the project's founder began researching Network States. However, the pivotal moment came with the publication of Balaji's book, which coincided with technological advancements that enabled the creation of fully decentralised, secure and maximally anonymous blockchain-based services.

Project Goals

— To establish a secure and transparent environment for identity verification in Web3. — To expand the use of blockchain technology for online identity verification. — Promote and adopt the concept of Network States. — True decentralisation, anonymity and security for the world. — Financial freedom with a mission to create millions of jobs worldwide.

Project Benefits

Decentralisation: Shegby's developers and users are driving the project forward, gradually removing the founder and original team from development and support. User empowerment: Prioritising full user trust, Shegby allows users to independently choose the scope and content of the information disclosed to any service requiring KYC or AML. Biometric-free approach: Shegby does not use biometrics, as it is risky to expose an individual's most valuable asset to potential leakage and misuse by malicious actors.


The risk of user abuse in creating Sybil-like duplicates, which is addressed by our proprietary HumanRank algorithm (analogous to Google's PageRank).

Designing a balanced system of rewards and penalties to discourage gaming.

Shegby assumes limits on the organic growth of users, and for this purpose reorients its essence towards the network state, where, analogous to existing states, you can lose your citizenship if you act as an unscrupulous agent.

Potential Applications

KYC & AML advances: Shegby offers an alternative solution with a balance between reliability and decentralisation, ensuring user-selected security and anonymity. P2P markets: Provides security for both buyers and sellers without the need for centralised user verification services and potential data breaches. Governance: Enabling democratic decision making resistant to Sybil and bot attacks through reliable KYC solutions.


Shegby today represents a network state with an exceptionally reliable and fair method of identification based on the "six degrees of separation" theory transformed into the HumanRank algorithm. Built on a token with a limited supply of 21 million tokens, Shegby invites you to join the project in whatever capacity you wish, with the freedom to leave the project completely without leaving any trace of your presence if you so wish!

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