Revenue Model & Customers

Revenue model Shegby generates revenue through a SaaS subscription model tailored to Web3 protocols and enterprises. Customers pay for access to our decentralised identity verification platform, which helps mitigate the risk of Sybil and bot attacks. CustomersWeb3 protocols: layer1-3 EVM-based protocols, decentralised applications (dApps) and blockchain-based platforms that need to guarantee the authenticity of their users.

Web3 projects using community initiatives (airdrop of their own token, sale of tokens, etc.) that need to fairly reward the real contribution of community members by excluding sybils, bots and even paperhands from the distribution, thereby guaranteeing their token a more reliable position in the market with maximum protection against sale.

DEX and CEX: Decentralised and centralised exchanges that require strong identity verification to prevent fraud and ensure compliance.

Margins in SaaS businesses are typically high due to the low incremental cost of adding new customers after the initial development and deployment of the platform. Shegby, which leverages blockchain technology, is experiencing similar benefits with reduced overhead costs associated with manual verification processes and data storage, further increasing margins.

By delivering critical KYC services through a scalable SaaS platform, Shegby is well positioned to capitalise on the emerging market for secure and efficient identity verification solutions.

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