Within the Shegby ecosystem, the role of trustees plays a crucial role in managing and overseeing the token distribution process. Trustees are selected from experienced and qualified community members to ensure transparency, fairness and efficiency in token management.

Trustee Responsibilities

Token management: The trustees are responsible for managing the token pool and distributing tokens according to the approved project strategy. They make decisions regarding the allocation of tokens for various purposes, including project development investments, community rewards, marketing activities and more.

Inventory control: Trustees ensure proper control of the token reserve, regulate its spending, and monitor compliance with established rules and distribution limits.

Decision-making: Trustees make strategic decisions regarding the use and distribution of tokens, taking into account the interests of the project and its participants.

The composition of the Trustees is determined by an open vote of token holders and other stakeholders. Candidates proposed by the community will undergo a voting process, after which the most supported and qualified candidates will be appointed as Trustees.

The role of the trustees is likely to be temporary until the project achieves full decentralisation. Remuneration for Trustees will be determined at the same time as the voting for candidates for this role.

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