Token Summary

The mission of the Shegby project is to build a Network State for everyone with the world's largest identification (citizenship) network and to organise financial activities where KYC, wallet and P2P marketplaces will be unified, ensuring an influx of funds into the project from buyers of these services from web3 projects.

The SHEGBY token will become the foundation of the largest Network State, setting an example for similar initiatives and providing identity (KYC) services as SaaS to the majority of interested web3 protocols and projects.

Token Overview Token Launch Date: 31st October 2023 Shegby (SHEGBY) is an ERC-20 token on the Scroll ZKP blockchain (Ethereum L2 network). Token smart contract address on Scroll ZKP: 0x12d27570a092e54082ce3c3301714a0f4694adbd ScrollScan link: Total token supply: 21,000,000 fixed, with no possibility of additional issuance or burning, no inflation.

Anyone in the world can participate in building the Shegby Network State and receive Shegby tokens for their contribution, with many options to benefit the project, from initial testing and community support to later participation in KYC procedures, Network State governance, trading real-world assets, etc.

Token Overview as of 1 May 2024 Circulating supply: 12,000 $SHEGBY (Max limit: up to 20,000 $SHEGBY) Token storage vault on Safe{Wallet}: 0xfaaab8385bb5718b95e502b231f26ef1c56a3025 Test Wallets: 0xcb550d4db9def29f98e35f26cc557be74898b661 Founder Wallet: 0x199e5a651646dac0820afa6f061331ddba28c08b

Token holders: 1,083 addresses Transfers: 3,819

Trade Shegby Token on SyncSwap DEX: Be sure to select Scroll Mainnet and manually import the Shegby Token smart contract address: 0x12d27570a092e54082ce3c3301714a0f4694adbd

USDC/Shegby liquidity pool on SyncSwap DEX (On Scroll):

ETH/Shegby liquidity pool on SyncSwap DEX (On Scroll):

Accessibility: Shegby tokens (SHEGBY) are not available to individuals or entities residing, incorporated, registered or having a registered agent in the United States or certain other restricted territories.

Security Reminder: Free SHEGBY tokens are only available via airdrop distribution. SHEGBY is distributed on a scheduled basis and only to users whose activity with the token is tracked in transactions or to users with the Shegby's Discord roles.

Beware of fake links and fake SHEGBY tokens! SHEGBY tokens are only used on the Scroll blockchain!

Important information: Cryptocurrency products can be very risky and their regulatory status is unregulated in many jurisdictions. Regulatory authorities may not require compensation for losses resulting from SHEGBY transactions. Any value assigned to SHEGBY may change rapidly and may be lost completely.

Eligibility for Shegby (SHEGBY) tokens is restricted based on geography, age and other factors. SHEGBY is not available to, and is not intended for, any person, entity or organisation resident in, or located or incorporated in, the United States or certain other restricted territories (or having beneficial ownership in the United States or such other restricted territories). Crypto products can be very risky!

For more information, please visit the project's Discord, which can be accessed via the link provided on the project's official resource at

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