HumanRank Principles

HumanRank is based on the fundamental principles of trust, reliability and user anonymity. In essence, HumanRank aims to enable users to prove their humanity and uniqueness on demand, without compromising their confidentiality.

Unlike existing KYC technologies, PoP and analogues, HumanRank does not require specialised equipment to collect biometric data, for example, or a pre-existing history of on-chain interactions (although this is welcome and simplifies the process). As such, HumanRank is easily accessible to connect any user around the world, including those who aren't yet represented on the blockchain by their wallet address and have no transaction history.

The key components of HumanRank are

Easy onboarding: All that is required to use HumanRank is a web3 wallet, with additional steps if required. Users can add the necessary information about themselves, request verification and, if necessary, be verified by another (already verified) participant.

Trust Rating Algorithm: HumanRank uses a sophisticated algorithm that analyses user interactions, transactions and behavioural models, taking into account the presence of trusted nodes - verified users - in the transaction chain.

Blockchain Integration: HumanRank uses blockchain to decentralise data storage and smart contracts to ensure transparency, immutability and resistance to unauthorised interference.

Privacy Mechanisms: HumanRank places a high value on user privacy by allowing users to control the disclosure of information. Users can choose which data attributes to disclose and to whom, minimising the risk of identity theft and unauthorised access.

HumanRank offers several unique features and benefits compared to traditional identity verification methods:

Efficiency: HumanRank significantly simplifies the identity verification process and reduces the time and resources required for KYC procedures. By automating the trustworthiness assessment, user identity can be confirmed quickly and reliably.

Reliability: It's important to note that there is no more reliable method than offline (IRL - in real life) verification followed by algorithmic re-verification.

Anonymity: Unlike traditional KYC methods, HumanRank allows users to remain anonymous during identity verification, allowing access only to those they trust.

HumanRank opens up new possibilities for secure and confidential identity verification in the age of Web3.

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